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Don't Ever Use DPD Couriers!!

If you are a supplier or retail seller, my recommendation to you is do not use DPD as your courier service. The reason for this is that me and a lot of people that I speak to, dread it when they have a notification that their delivery is coming via DPD because of previous experience of the deplorable service they offer.

This video explains the latest delivery debacle that I've had with them (the delivery in question was for a box of 2 x 10Ltrs of AdBlue, which weighs a lot and is difficult to carry at the best of times over short distances

Previously, I've waited for an additional two weeks to get my phone delivered due to the delivery driver not being able to find my house on numerous occasions, then getting notifications that I had changed the delivery day (when I hadn't), and finally, pictures of kerb stones to justify that they had tried to deliver and these were not pictures of any kerbs I can recognise near me, why not take a pic of my house if you are so confident I wasn't in, when I actually was, all day.......

Stay away from this company at all cost if you value your reputation....

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