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Full WiFi Coverage

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

At Last, I've Found The Solution

I've been trying to get a good network across the house for years, for the last few, using a TP Link Powerline system. Unfortunately, that system keeps dropping out and is by no means as fast as I need.

Now onto this, at last, a WiFi network that is not only fast but extremely stable. The set up process is a breeze, you just download the BT app onto your device (I've now got it on Apple and Android devices) and it walks you through how to do it. As you are locating the discs around the house, you use the App to find the best locations which is a real time saver, plus you get the best network this way. Probably all up and running within 1/2 an hour on the pack of three but then I discovered that three just were not going to be enough for the size and shape of the house. Two days later , another pack arrived so in total there are now six in the house (see the plan on the video for an idea of the coverage you get). The house has thick dividing walls and unfortunately the 1st floor has foil coated foam insulation which severely impacts on WiFi signals. Now, at the furthest point of the house, approximately 40 feet away from the BT Hub through 3 block walls and the floor, the speed on my Samsung S8+ is just under 1000Mbps, fantastic!

The App is a fantastic tool for managing the network and also to understand how it is performing. Another huge benefit you get from the App is the ability to be able to control the attached devices. For example, I can turn of my children's devices between certain hours to limit there access to the internet. Additionally, you can set up a guest network in seconds for visitors to the home

I've kept some of the powerline adaptors to connect the garage that's about 100 ft from the house to connect a camera but apart from that, the whole house and numerous devices are now running of just the Whole Home kit. A big recommendation from me and even at £300, this is great value for money!

I was going to buy this from BT direct, but as it was a couple of pence cheaper on Amazon and because I'm a prime member so guaranteed delivery next day, I got both packs off there. Still buying from BT, just in-direct.

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