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Great WiFi Camera

I've bought a few of these (for the home and for the shops) usually where a temporary camera is required. If I'm being honest, I've had some dogs as well. Camera's that are hard to get onto the network, poor software for the phone etc. etc.

This one however, was a breeze to set up, by far the easiest I've done. I've used on both IOS and Android as you'll see in the video. Good resolution on the picture and I'm using it over a WiFi network in the garage. I like that this takes a Micro SD card up to 128 GB as the previous ones I've had were up to 32, so a big difference. The recording to the card is perfect and quick to retrieve on the phones as well. I like the siren that you can set to go off if there is any motion detected.

I've said the software is the best I've used, there are some nice touches like the 360 degree panoramic view. This makes it so much easier to navigate rather than continually swiping the screen. Obviously, the two way audio is good and scared my son to death when I sent him to the garage to get something :-)

All in all, easy to set up (I did it wirelessly but you can do it with a CAT cable straight to the router), easy to fit and easy to use. You cant ask for more

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