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Look, no hands!

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

This Muzili robot vacuum is such a time saver! (make sure you get a Smart one)

I can honestly say, until you have tried a robot vacuum, you probably will not appreciate the benefit they can bring, or why people pay the money they do for them.

Trust me, it's like tasting garlic bread for the first time, it's a eureka moment. We have hard floors across the house, with two dogs, a parrot and two children, so lots of hair and dust everywhere.

I'm not saying that they get rid of the need for a more powerful corded model all together, but they do dramatically cut down on the need to get that out and use it. These vacuum cleaners take the day to day chore, or one off need to vacuum away. Either automating a cycle or on demand

Have a look at the video, it will probably tell you more about it than I can in words. My only recommendation to you, having had 3 robot Vacuums now, is, don't get an under powered model, you may as well not have one if that is the case. Also, don't expect miracles if you have heavy shag rugs or carpet. These things work best on short pile or preferably hard floors. The battery life is excellent, you will be emptying a few times before it takes itself back to home for a recharge.

Honestly, set them up correctly and they are fantastic (they do take a lot of emptying though)

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1 Comment

Carol Ma
Carol Ma
Dec 10, 2021

yes. thanks for sharing!!

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