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Bluetooth Earbuds

At Last, a Set of BlueTooth Earbuds That Work

Using an Android device means that I purposefully won't buy Apple products, lots of reasons for that, mainly around not being prepared to be ripped off with extortionate costs that are not representative of the products they sell. Additionally, everything is sold for the Apple ecosystem. The one thing I will say about Apple products is that they actually work and do what they are supposed to whith hassle.

In the past I have tried BlueTooth earbuds and given up on them, the main issue being that they wouldn't pair with each other and if they did they just kept dropping out. Not the case with this set though, very easy to pair and use!

First things first, they come in a tiny little case that has a magnet catch to keep the lid down and when you open it, you see the two earbuds that are kept in place with their own magnet. Now the best part, from new, they are so easy to pair. I tried them with the PC first, pulled up the Windows BlueTooth screen went to add a new device and pulled out the two earbuds and put them in. Without pressing anything, they told me they were powered on and in pairing mode (because there were no devices present they were already paired to). I did a search for new devices on Windows and they popped up straight away as T2-R. I pressed connect and it was as simple as that. The YouTube I was listening to flipped over to the right hand earbud and it linked to the left straight away. Controls are for volume up/down, skip/play/pause, answer/end and for your digital assistant

As far as Sound goes, well, I'm listening to a bit of Wham now and I can tell you that there is a good range on them. Definitely Bass where it is required and very clear. If you need volume then these are VERY loud, too loud for me and I have to have them down from max. Comfy in the ear and as they come with different sized earbud covers, you should get a good fit. Also, with them being inner earbuds, you get good muffling for external noise (the porridge boiled over this morning because I didn't here it...)

I've tested the voice quality by calling my phone and going to answerphone, picked up what I was saying clearly.

The case charges from a Micro USB connection (you get the cable with it) and there is an onboard battery so even if not connected to a power source you could have up to 40 hours of play time, but you would have to be exceptional circumstances for that I'm sure. I tend to have the case and earbuds charged regularly. Three small LED's on the front of the case give you indication of charging and charged status.

So, in summary, Chinese earbuds have come an awful long way since I got my first pair and these are a definite recommendation from me and although I'm sure the Airpods are better in some aspects, they wont be 300% better (Currently £159.00)

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