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How To Fill a Refillable Perfume Atomizer

The Perfect Holiday Accessory, and not just holidays, night out, work, lunch with friends. So, if you want to know how easy they are to fill and use, watch the video at the bottom.

Perfect solution for flights and nights out
Refillable Perfume Atomisers

Holiday Hack first. if you struggle with taking your perfume of aftershave on holiday, with the security checks at the airport or the challenge of additional weight in your luggage, then these Refillable Perfume atomizers are the solution. 5ml in size and as small as small can be, but the main thing is you can get them for roughly £1 each, which means you can take a variety of fragrances onto the plane that will weigh less than the one bottle that you would normally bring. On top of that, you can put pretty much any liquid you want into them, I've even been known to pop mosquito repellent into one so that I can have a quick spray when I want to enjoy an open-air restaurant at night, perfect.

On a night out, no problem, pop one into your pocket or purse for a quick top up when needed. A small, bullet sized spray that is easy to carry and always there when you need it.

As I've already said, these things are great value, get onto Amazon and you'll find them in packs of 5 or 6 for £6. At that price you can use them for numerous fragrances and if you get to the point where you become bored with the particular smell, they can be cleaned out, ready for a different perfume, or just thrown away and use a new one on the new scent.

Easy to fill (watch the video below) and after a few pumps, you're done and ready to go!

Amazon Link: 5 pack Atomisers ➡️

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