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Hands Free Magic!

There comes a day, when the mist is lifted from your eyes and you realise that if you can talk on the phone, without having to hold it, It's a whole new world. Hold the phone seem to make you either stand/sit still or pace, while your your free hand does nothing. The first time I went 'hands free' with some headphones, it was a revelation. I was able to do things at the same time as talking!!!! Ever since then, I have tried to extoll the virtues of hands free to whoever will listen.

This eMeet Luna speaker is an extension of that. If you work in an office and have to go to meeting rooms to use a conference phone this is a fantastic replacement. If you visit different offices, it's great. If you want to wander around the kitchen while talking to your family, it's perfect!

Extremely easy to link to your phone or PC, loud, distortion free and with three Mics to pic up what is being said from anywhere in the room.

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