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Thai Green Curry With A Twist

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

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I love Thai Green Curry, well any curry from the far east to be honest, but I always find it a bit too watery and insubstantial. Each to their own though and I know that people will certainly criticise me for that. Nevertheless, I started experimenting a few years ago and eventually struck on this recipe, Clough's Thai Green Curry.

Being far too lazy and inexperienced to make my own paste, I have been using the Mae Ploy paste ever since I came across it on a Thai foods stall on my local market. I regularly cook this, Thai Red Curry and probably my favourite of all time since I tried it in Black Canyon restaurant in Bali, Tom Yum Curry. All made with chicken.

This is easy to cook and is ready in 1 1/2 hours. I find it tastes even better after a day and it tends to feed our family of four for at least 3 meals through the week. After being left in the fridge for a day, the immediate heat of the chilli's has dissipated and the full flavour of the paste comes through

Ingredients (all approximate):

500g of new potatoes (halved)

170g Trimmed green beans

1 tbsp. of Veg oil

Garlic powder or cloves to taste

2 tbsp. of Mae Ploy Thai Green Curry Paste

Two tins of Coconut milk

Lots of Fish sauce (2-3 tbsp.)

Spring onion

1 chicken stock cube (700ml)

2 tsp of Caster suger

4 cubed chicken breast

2 tsp of Caster sugar

1 red or green pepper

Lime Juice

Salt & pepper to taste

You can choose if you want the normal or low fat Coconut milk

Watch the video for the how to bit....

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