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An Endoscope that saved me a fortune!!

If you have used one of these before, they have come a long way in the last couple of years. Better cameras, easier to connect, rechargeable etc... This particular Depstech model also has all the controls that you will need on the hand unit, along with a nifty torch.

Anyway, shortly after getting this, I had a major leak from my Jacuzzi bath, I could see all of the water coming out of the ceiling but could see where the actual leak was. And that's where this comes into it's own. Turn it on, connect it via WiFi to your phone or tablet, open the Depstech app and you are away. Watch the video and you'll see it in action.

You can change the definition of the camera from the app and also take pictures and video but the hand held unit has all of the controls you will need. You also get a few attachments with this that screw onto the end of the camera. I was a bit unsure of what these actually did but then I realised that you have a magnetic head for picking screws up et or a hook for other items, a really nice touch.

Anyway, remember that the definition of the camera defaults to 720 so if you want t higher, remember to change it (up to 1944P). Zoomable from the handset, you can also dim or brighten the camera light to suit the environment.

So, this £60 unit has saved me far more than the cost as I was able to see the leak and then seal it by touch, knowing where it was.

So, for what this has already saved me, for how easy it was to use, and for the fact that I know it will come in useful in the future, I just have to recommend it!

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