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Chips Away

Having had a Bosch Shredder for the last 10 years, when the blocky, hard to use control knobs broke, it was time to get a new one. I really like my old shredder as it worked on a screw principle and as such, was really good at dragging branches through and some quite thick ones. The only trouble with it was that the screws used to easily get clogged up if there were many green leave going through (not as bad as the McCulloch one I had that worked off the spinning disk principle)

So, after some quick searching, I came across this bigger model. It is about twice as much as the previous model I previously owned but then again, it cuts thicker branches, has push button controls and an integrated chipping box.

When it arrived, it was very easy to put together, but I would say that the safety knob (the red one) need to be turned about 5 full turns to ensure the safety engages so that it actually works. The feeder box, that hides away in the chipper container when not in use, fits easily and quickly and then after being plugged in, it's ready to go.

Have a look at the video as this covers everything and you get to see it in operation as well.

The shredder works with a conical cutting blade and this has really powerful torque, this means it's great for those thicker branches. I'd say that I was putting into it 2" thickness and it was taking those easily. I think during the whole time I was using it, it may have only stopped once and this was easy to remove as I just had to push the reverse button.

All in all, for £350 (I bought it for £425 but then it reduced on Amazon 1 week later GRrrrr…… this is a really competent shredder and one that I can definitely recomment. I also like the way it reduces in height to be able to store.

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