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Concrete Lego Block Retaining Wall

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

We decided to terrace in front of the house, being sick and tired of the rotten decking that I had erected on stilts 18 years earlier.

As we would be holding back quite a bit of earth, I looked around for something that would not only be effective in being a retaining wall but would be easy to install as well.

And that is were these interlocking concrete blocks came in.

If you can gain access to the site with a front loader or a decent sized excavator, then they are a breeze and inexpensive to install. We had to reach across a pond so had to hire a huge crane to drop them into place, so there was additional cost, however, the job only took a few hours to complete.

These were around £60 each and weighed 1 ton. What you pay out on product and installation you save on labour, material and time.

A huge recommendation

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