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Great Floor Lamp!

Purchased because the wall light switch isn't anywhere near the bed in this particular room, which means having to get out of bed to turn the lights off. In addition, the desk isn't well lit from the wall lights.

Anyway, easy to put up, everything pushes together. The light itself is pre-wired and just needs plugging in and away you go. Once you are happy with where you have put it (in our case, between the bed and the desk so that it can just swivel to whichever needs it) you can operate it from either the wire control or the remote.

The wired has the on/off, the brightness control, the timer (30Min's) and the light colour button. The dimming is excellent and easy to operate but the best thing for me is the ability to change the light colour, warm, natural and white. Warm for relaxing, through to white to do intricate work with.

The remote control has a few more options, the same on/off, dimming and light colour but you have three timer buttons for the timer function (30, 60 and 90 min's). Really useful for night time reading as you can fall asleep and not worry about the light being left on.

So, in summary, pretty much an all rounder. Directional, Bright through to dim, your choice, and above all, great to be controlled remotely.

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