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Jensen's Mocktail

The Bali Sunrise

A nice and easy to make Mocktail, developed by my son, Jensen. Have a look at the video and follow it if you want to (it really is delicious) but I can let you in on a little information. I was at a drinks convention a few years ago and I ended up at a stand where there was a Mixologist, going through his trade and showing how to mix some really decent cocktails. The secret he gave us was that basically, you don't need to stick rigidly to ingredients or quantities. He showed how you can experiment with anything you have in your cabinet or fridge and how, in his words 'you just smash it all together' and the chances are it will come out tasting good.

What Jensen has put together here is what he finds in the fridge, you can swap out some things for what you have in yours and try experimenting, you'll have a ball!

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