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Thai Red Curry With A Potato Twist

Simple, Quick and Extremely Tasty

This is a follow on to Clough's Thai Green Curry. Rather than just being hot, I find that this is a little more flavoursome. Same as the Thai Green Curry, I use the Mae Ploy paste as I've found it the most reliable and reasonably priced. I would make my own but I'm far to lazy.

This is easy to cook and is ready in 1 1/2 hours. I find it tastes even better after a day and it tends to feed our family of four for at least 3 meals through the week. After being left in the fridge for a day, the immediate heat of the chilli's has dissipated slightly and the full flavour of the paste comes through. If you do exactly what I do in the video, it will be very spicy, you may just want to stick with the two tablespoons of paste until you have tried it....

Ingredients (all approximate):

500g of new potatoes (halved)

170g Trimmed green beans

1 red or green pepper

1 tbsp. of Veg oil

Garlic powder or cloves to taste

3 tbsp. of Mae Ploy Thai Red Curry Paste

Two tins of Coconut milk

Lots of Fish sauce (2-3 tbsp.)

2 tsp of Caster suger

3 cubed chicken breast

2 cubes of chicken stock (900ml)

Lime Juice

Watch the video for the how to bit....

The is pipped at the post in regard to flavour by my Tom Yum Chicken soup though, a must taste!

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