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Tom Yum Chicken Soup

My Favourite, Absolutely Delicious

By far my favourite curry and probably my favourite of all time dish since I tried it in a Black Canyon restaurant in Bali, Tom Yum Curry. All made with chicken. This is easy to cook and is ready in 1 1/2 hours. I find it tastes even better after a day and it tends to feed our family of four for at least 3 meals through the week.

2 chicken stock cubes (900ml)

2 chicken stock cubes (900ml)

6 Spring onions

1 tbsp. of Veg oil

Garlic powder or cloves to taste

3 tbsp. of Mae Ploy Tom Yum Paste

2 chichen stock cubes (900ml)

1-2 tbsp. of chilli powder (dependent on strength)

170g Trimmed green beans

Lemon grass or paste

Lime Juice

Salt and pepper to taste (I use Season All for this)

Lots of Fish sauce (2-3 tbsp.)

2 tsp of Caster sugar

3 cubed chicken breast

Watch the video to see how I make it:

Very easy to make. The Mae Ploy paste is perfect. If it is too hot for you, or you are a bit worried at the first time of making it then just put two tbsp. of paste in and make sure you salt it enough.

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