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Making the Ford Ranger Driveable at Night

H11 LED Bulb upgrade

After Purchasing a Ford Ranger Wildtrak at the beginning of 2018, I soon found that Ford had decided to sell a vehicle where the main road lighting comprised of a frog in each headlight assembly, holding a poorly burning candle. Having owned quite a few cars, I can honestly say that the illumination of the road at night is the worst I have ever come across, almost to the extent that when I started to drive the car, I thought that my eyesight had suddenly deteriorated!!

So, because of that, I have been slowly working through replacing all of the lighting in the car to bring it up to an acceptable level. The first one that I replaced was the dipped headlights as these are used the most. H11 is the model number of the bulb and if you have a look at the video, you will see that not only are the lights extremely poor, but the light cluster itself is so badly designed that it can take an age just to replace a simple bulb.

I’d already replaced the Halogen headlight bulbs in my Audi A4 (mainly to change the colour of the light from yellow to white) with LED bulbs. So that was my decision for these on the Ranger. There are plenty of LED’s available on Amazon for around £30 and if you have Prime then you get them the next day.

Fitting them was not so easy though, It takes and age to get the cap off the back of the cluster. If you are doing it yourself, then the only help I can give you is that the cap doesn’t just screw of, it is notched so only turns anti-clockwise for about an inch then you have to ‘pop’ it off with a screwdriver. Easy to swap out the bulb once you have done this.

This is another video that shows the lights in use on a particularly snowy night, crisp and white light. Such a difference to what the Ranger came with. I think the cluster is changing in 2019, far too late in my opinion but at least they are getting there. The main Beam haven't been replaced yet in the video and you can see the difference in the colour of the light

There’s another video on here where I change the Main Beam/Driving Light bulb (H15) but the result is not as good as it should be because there is not enough space in the assembly for an LED bulb with a cooling fan. Nevertheless, any improvement is better than what it comes with.

I recommend replacing the H11 as soon ass you can and hopefully if you have a look at the installation video I’ve done, it will give you the confidence to do it

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