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The Ford Rangers Lights are Awful

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Replacing the H15 Full Beam Bulbs

If you have read some of my other posts, you will know how poor I thing the headlight cluster is on the Ford Ranger. I own a 2017 model Wildtrak and the first time I took it out at night, I honestly thought that there was something faulty, one of the bulbs had gone perhaps of there was a low voltage issue.

The first thing that I did was to look around and research replacing the bulbs with something brighter and I struck on upgrading to LED’s. The dipped headlights on this are H11’s so I replaced those but that just then highlighted how bad the full beams were. I’m pretty adept at searching the web for information but I had to access the bulbs to double check what they were and that’s when I found that not only is the light cluster poor at illuminating the road, it’s built to be impossible to access as well. There are two covers on the back that screw off, well, when I say screw off, they turn about an inch then you have to pop them off as they are held in place by a ‘O’ ring.

Once I got into it, I found that unfortunately, unlike the dipped, there is no space in the housing to put an LED with a cooling fan, so I realised that this was going to limit the options. There are plenty of LED H15’s available but not many of them are bright enough to do the job. I settled on this one as it was the brightest and obviously, you do get the additional benefit of having a white light and not a miserable yellow. Watch the video and I take you through how to get the cap off and replace the bulb.

The outcome is not as good as good as the difference between Tungsten and LED on the dipped but it is still so much better than it was. Additionally, when you throw the full beam on, you get a vastly improved side lighting, so if you are turning into a drive and need to watch the walls etc, it’s a winner. I had a 2006 Range Rover before the Ranger and it was night and day (literally) the difference between the lights.

So in summary, it would have been better to put an LED with a fan attached, just because they are brighter, but beggars can’t be choosers. This does the trick and I recommend it. If you find one that fits and is brighter than the H15 I’m recommending then send me a message and I’ll probably invest in it and update the page with the info.

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