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Updating My Ford SYNC Via USB

If your WiFi isn't working, this will

I’ve owned a Ford Ranger Wildtrak for the last year, and the Ford SYNC entertainment and information system is used every time I’m in it. From the stand-alone operation using the DAB radio or Sat Nav, through to my Samsung 8+ being connected or my wife’s iPhone 10s, it’s a very useful and easy to use system.

The update (in my case from 3 2.2 to 3 3.0) had to be done via a USB stick as for the last year I’ve been trying to do it with the WiFi update. This particular update may have made that easier to do for the next time but it has searched and searched when connected to WiFi and never come up with an available update even though I know that there has been one available.

From what I can see, the user interface menu has flattened out a little and a few buttons have been removed. Additionally, it seems to be a bit snappier and also my Android Auto is linking better without any issues that I have had in the past. I have been told that there are some additional voice commands on it also but I have no idea what they are as I can’t find an update details from Ford.

Go to Settings and then About for your SYNC version

Anyway, if you watch video, I go through where you get the update file from on the Ford site and then how to get them unpacked and put onto a USB stick, then the installation. If I can give you a tip, make sure you have a decent sized USB stick that is as fast as you can get. I had to do the update twice, the first time with an old 8GB stick that was still trying to install after 1.5 hours. The second time when I retried it it was on a 32GB USB 3 stick, this took just over 15 minutes and was successful!!!

I need to get a Bluetooth sender unit for use with one of the diagnostic Apps next and have a play with that before posting

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