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No more losing keys

I'd been looking at something like this for a while but was always concerned about a two things, the battery time and the reliability of the biometrics. Anyway, I took the plunge with this one, primarily because the battery lasts upto a year and additionally, if the fingerprint was to fail for any reason, I would have the Bluetooth and the Morse code unlock as back up.

I have not been disappointed! not only is this probably one of the most configurable things I've had with an App but the build quality and reliability of it is second to none.

When I was looking for a lock to purchase, there were a few others out there that were cheaper but all of them were missing one of the features I was looking for. The battery life wasn't long enough, there didn't appear to be enough redundancies built in or they just weren't ok for using outside. The original idea for purchasing this is so that we can lock up the store outside and only the family has access to it (without the fear of losing the key or hiding it under a plant pot for the first thief to find). What swung it for me though is that I can give third parties access to the lock, if required, like delivery men. If I want to, I can even set it up on other peoples phones and set the access level, permanent, limited or for a given period. I've got to say though, the Morse code capability to unlock is a god send if you are speaking to someone over the phone for immediate access

You'll see in the video how quickly the biometrics work to open the lock and also, to say that it has been in regular use for over 2 weeks, the battery has only reduces by 5%. A favourite of mine, is capability of the App to log and show the history of who and when they opened the lock.

Not often you get something that lives up to it hype but with this, I can certainly recommend it!!!

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