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Wow BenQ, A Fantastic Lamp

You may or may not have heard of BenQ the company but if you haven't, they are an international company based in Taiwan, huge in monitors, lighting and projection (all the monitors at the office I used to work in were BenQ and the Classroom projectors at my children's school are Made by them.

My daughters table has been illuminated by a small LED light and as she does a lot of homework and craft work on it, I thought it was about time to invest in something that not only is bright enough for the job but more importantly, gives a good spread of light. I have found with other LED lights that they may go bright but the light is quite focused.

Certainly not the cheapest table/reading lamp out there but this outperforms anything I have used before. Watch the video and you will appreciate the spread of light, full coverage of the work surface. What you wont be able to see very well is the dimming function as the camera kept adjusting for the reduced/increased light. I love the range of colour that the LED's can cycle through, from yellow for background, soothing light all the way to Bright white light for intricate work and realistic colours.

In addition to the above, there is an auto feature for the brightness of the LED's so that you don't get eye strain. If you touch the metal ring for a couple of seconds, the lamp reads the ambient light level and dims or brightens accordingly, a nice touch.

Extremely well made and good quality materials, certainly not flimsy, seven feet of cable should mean that you can have this wherever you need it. The base is extremely heavy so, it's not going to fall over but you can get a clamp separately if you want to have it fixed to the desk

In summary, like I said, not cheap but then again I've always found that you get exactly what you pay for in life. Great spread of light and the colour range means it is good for whatever you are doing. A definite recommendation from me and my daughter

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