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Apple AirPods, Expensive but Good

Let me start by saying that I am by no means a fan of Apple. I think that their products are overpriced and once you are in the Apple ecosystem, you are there to be fleeced for every bit of money they can get out of you to use their products and service.

Ok, having said that, I have Apple products in my household, I have had numerous iPhones in the past and I have to say that they are good, they work and they do the job they are bought for without a problem. Their customer service is great also.

I bought these for my wife to use with her iPhone 10s. I bought them because I know the benefit of using the phone hands free but haven't been able to get her to use anything that I already have. Knowing that these are supposed to be easy to pair and use, I stumped up the money hoping that she could use them. I suppose the best review I can give you of these is to say that she has taken to them perfectly. Straight out of the box, open the case and the phone asks if you want to pair, it's that simple.

They sit in the ear and they don't come out, no matter how much exercise or movement you make. Double tapping answers/ends calls etc, calls up Siri.

The case is poor, slippy plastic so it slips out of yours hands, same with the AirPods themselves, hard to take out of the case and slippy as anything. I'm informed that the next generation of these is going to fix the problems.

So, expensive but they do the job that they have been bought to do. I don't think that if I had bought another make, that they would have been used in all honesty. If you have a partner who is a technophobe or are yourself, these are simple to operate. If you are a bit more tech aware, buy something cheaper. I'm getting the S10+ on the 8th March along with the Samsung EarBuds so, I'll do a comparison then

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