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Perfect for Streaming Services or Productivity

I've had quite a few Laptops and Notebooks over the last 3 years for one reason or another. My love for them started about 6 years ago when I bought a Microsoft Surface 3 so that I had something light and portable to take abroad with me. Something that I could find as easy to watcha film on the plane as to catch up with E-mail and business while on the beach or in the hotel.

In all honesty, the Surface was not up to the job, primarily because of the small amount of RAM in it. Basically meaning that there was no multitasking or having numerous Tabs open on Explorer as the device would grind to a halt. For anybody that doesnt know, RAM is what the PC uses to do the work it is carrying out at the time. In other words, if it is doing more than one thing at once, it is using that RAM (Random Access Memory) to move everything around in so that it can do what it needs to do. When that RAM is fully utilised, it has to stop doing somethings so that it can work on others and theats when things slow down, dramatically. So the moral of the story is get as much RAM as you can. The processor will do things faster if you get a faster processor, but it can't do anything i the RAM is full!!!

So onto this baby, 8GB of Ram. Even my Lenovo All in One only came with 8GB of RAM. For a laptop, this is perfect, I won't be doing any high level video authoring so I don't need the speed of a processor with a fan but I do have lots of Tabs open in Explorer/Edge. Additionally, you get 256GB of storage which is in the form of SSD. This is easily upgradable just by replacing the card by removing it from the back of the laptop via the cover that unscrews to reveal it

What else does this do, well, the fact that it can open up to 360 degrees means that if I am on a plane or a desk and want to few a film, i can set it up as just a screen!

The battery is more than ample to say that it is such a small device and I really like the fact that it only has the USB-C port on it for data transfer, connectivity and charging. I have had to purchase a USB-C hub to make sure I have the additional connectivity that I need, but even Macs need to do that.

So, all in all (and especially for the price), this has to be the best all rounder that I have purchased. My daughter is currently the user of it since her last laptop, a BBEN, just didn't have enough of that RAM stuff in it to satisfy her demands (homework, YouTube and browsing, usually all together!!!!

I love that you get the connectivity with the USB-C hub but that it has pass through charging capability so you can have all that connectivity through the Laptop port but still be charging as well.

The Audio isn't the best but that is what I have BlueTooth headphones for.

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