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Very Comfy, Very Loud....

I've had and regularly used 5 sets of earbuds before purchasing these FreeBuds 3 from Huawei. Immediately prior to these I was using the Samsung EarBuds, which were good but not as good as these in three areas:

These don't ache after wearing for a while (inner ear ones have that effect on me) These are much easier to put in and keep in (even during exercise/running) They have Active noise cancelling

From getting them out of the charging box to putting them in your ear, it's easier to do than both the Samsung and Apple equivalents (I don't know if you have tried to take the Apple AirPods out of the case, you need a vice like grip with your fingers!!!)

Probably, the most important thing for me when using anything like this, is how they work for me and the Person on the other end of the line when using them for hands free calling. I had a lot of complaints that my voice was muffled when using the Samsung Earbuds, which is a shame as they were pretty much sold on being great for hands free use. These on the other hand, well, I try them all out by calling my own mobile which then allows me to leave a message on my answerphone, this lets me hear how I sound to others. These are the best they are supposed to switch to an induction mic when the ambient noise is too much as well.

I had real trouble with the volume when I first got these, but this is an Android issue and not Huawei. There is a solution, just do a search for "How To Increase Bluetooth Headset Volume For Your Phone" and follow the instructions. It's a very quick fix and one that made these usable. I love that you can wireless charge them, also easy to reverse charge them if you have a compatible phone if for some reason you run out of the 20 hour you get with the case!! Pretty much instant connection with no lag, connected before they have reached my ears most times.

The ANC is great for plane travel of if you are in an area with machinery, low frequency noise. Not as good as Over or Inner Ear ANC as you don't have the additional noise isolation, but you also don't have the weight and inconvenience from those. Comparing these to the Apple AirPods my wife and daughter have, If you have anything other than an IPhone, get these.

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