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Capable and Good Value

I was looking for something that was not going to cost the earth, be able to access the internet for Web Apps and also be ok for YouTube. The reason being, I wanted to buy a couple of them so that I could put them into my shops so the staff didn't have to use their own phones for certain web apps and customers could also use them for signing up to promotions in the shops as well.

I have had something similar from a company called Dieniu ( recently but it is no longer available so after a bit of searching I plumped for these.

It took only a few minutes to set each one up after I had charged them. I even set up a Google account for each of the tablets so that I can send emails to the staff that all of them can access through the tablet in the shops rather than sending them individual emails to there own accounts. I put the web pages that they will need to access into the favourites and made sure that YouTube was on there so that they can access how to videos or pages specific to helping customers with their purchases.

The tablet itself runs on Android 7.0 (Nougat) but I think I say it is 6.0 in the video. 2GB of ram so not the most but certainly more than adequate for what I want them used for. 32GB of onboard storage that can be increased with a Micro SD card and a processor that doesnt lag. If you are looking to get this to browse the internet and watch videos then it's a winner. The audio is a bit tinny (but loud) so you may want to invest in a set of Bluetooth earbuds or head phones to make it a bit more pleasurable ( Also, take into account that because of the price, you are not getting anything like Gorilla glass on the screen, this is a plastic screen so is open to scratching. However, you do get a creen protector with it, along with a USB to Micro USB converter, USB charging cable, Mains charging cable, a stylus, wired earbuds and adaptor cards for the SIM if you need them.

All in all, well worth the purchase cost and a definite recommendation!

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