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Feiyu Vlog Pocket and App Review

This is the second Gimbal that I've owned, the first one was larger and took a bit of organising to carry around in readiness to use. This one however, small enough to go in my jeans pocket when collapsed and powerful enough to last for up to 14 hours. Have a look at the video. The Gimbal itself is compact and certainly does the trick but I was really impressed with the App though. The App and the Gimbal link to the phones I use easily (iPhone XR, Samsung S8+ & Samsung S10+) in fact set it up once and it auto connects after that. Lots of settings to play around with, perfect and easy to carry around. Face and object tracking, 360 , 180 and wide angle auto shooting modes.

You can see in the video, a direct comparison to my Galaxy S8+ in the Vlog Pocket compared to my Galaxy S10+ in the other hand (with the S10+ stabilisation on as well)

The face tracking is excellent when the you are videoing yourself from a tripod and some of the other options in the Feiyu On App are well worth a play with.

I do like the lightness of this gimbal in the hand, and it's easily extended with the supplied mini tripod to make it feel a little more substantial if that's what you want.

About the only thing missing on this is that the charging port is for a Micro USB as opposed to a a USB-C. The Feiyu On App is fantastic, once set up, if you set the app running on your phone, it automatically pairs again with the Vlog Pocket within seconds and you are ready to go. This is excellent to use, one touch to flip from Landscape to Portrait and as smooth as anything. A definite recommendation

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