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GeekMe HoverBoard Review

So, me and the rest of the family have come to the Hoverboard party late. It seems like everybody we know has one already. These are not for the faint hearted however...…

When you pick this board up, you can feel the quality in the build. LED's all over it as well. Lights on the front for the floor, lights on top of the wheel arch's and around the main body of the board and finally, really funky lights in both wheels. We charged it the first time for the full 4 hours that's recommended but since then, we've just topped it up (never run out of battery power yet...) The path we use, outside of our house has a slight incline on it and this took that in it's stride so nice and powerful with the two independent motors.

The BlueTooth speaker is easy to connect, just get it into pairing mode and it pops up on your phone straight away. Not Hi-Fi quality but great for having in the background when my son is using it with his friends. Nice and loud also.

My main recommendation to you is that once you have bought this and got it all charged, make sure you have also got some knee and elbow pads for the first few goes at least. It doesn't actually take you long to get up and running on it with confidence but there will be a few falls at the beginning, especially when you are dismounting. It can be a bit daunting at first, so my son spent the first few days laid down on it, with his legs trailing at the back. In saying that, he's gone the fastest on it using that method.

I know that you can get cheaper ones off the market or eBay, but having seen Watchdog, where the batteries overcharge and catch fire, I bought this off Amazon to give me some confidence in the safety of it. I did a bit of research before I bought this, and the UL2272 Certification means that this is a board can continue to be sold. Lots of country are banning sales of Non UL2272 Certified boards after a certain date and then the use of them on footpaths etc, later still. So, buyer beware.....

And again, beware of falling off, I have a HUGE bruise on one of my bum cheeks from initially trying to dismount......

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