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Makes Videoing a Pleasure

I've struggled when I'm doing my reviews pretty much since I started. Relying on room lighting to be able to illuminate the product or me for videoing is really hard unless you have a separate light source. And that's where this has come in perfectly.

It's pretty much permanently attached to a second tripod and used every time I video. This, along with the Lavalier Mic, makes reviewing a dream.

Plenty of adjustment available on this, all the colours on the colour wheel are easily accessible, along with some great simulations like emergency vehicles, lightening and candle effect.

The body is aluminium and finished well. The controls are both easy to use and well constructed. You get all the accessories that you need, like a shoe for the DSLR and the USB-C charge lead and an adapter, all protected by the case that comes with it.

This is definate recommendation, and if you are in the states, its a lot cheaper than here in the UK as well, another reason to get it!!

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