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No Audio Jack Plug out ?!?!?!?

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

This will solve your Problem

We have a number of Samsung TV's around the house and it amazes me that the majority of them do not have a audio jack plug socket. So what this means it that if you have set of headphones with a lead, or in the case in the video, you have a sender unit for wireless headphones, you can't actually use them without an adaptor. Pretty ridiculous.... I get that they have removed the port from a lot of mobile phones, and I support that decision as it is so much easier to have a set of Bluetooth headphones. However, when the TV itself doesnt come Bluetooth enabled, you don't exactly have the choice, do you #Samsung

The only audio out on the TV in the video is an Optical Out, no good for a jack plug. This Neoteck Optical to Analog converter actually works, and doesn't take much setting up. Even the USB take up to power the converter can be taken off one of the USB ports on the TV.

Anyway, watch the video and you'll see for yourself.....

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