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Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy Buds?... YES!

The short answer is yes, but there are lots of reasons behind that answer.

I've got four different types of True Wireless Ear Pieces in the house, these new Samsung ones, a pair of Apple AirPods and two different brands of cheaper ear buds. To start off with, the only reason I purchased the Apple AirPods was because they work easily, straight out of the box and they are for my wife. I'd tried to get her to use something similar in the past but they were not easy to use and it put her off them. The Airpods on the other hand just work when you take them out of the case. Lots of reasons for me not to like them though...… The cheaper earbuds work perfectly and to an extent are somewhat louder than the Samsung ones, but they are not a comfy over the long term and they are not custom made to work with my Samsung S10+

The Samsung Galazxy Buds pair easily, open the case and the screen flashes up do you want to pair for the first time. After this there is no need to go through the process again, just take them out of the case each time and they connect automatically. The first time I paired, I had to update the software in the Buds themselves and also the Samsung Wear App. I love the App, it's helpful in reminding you of the controls at the beginning, but unlike the Apple AirPods, it gives you much greater control over the Earbuds. You can set them up to talk to Google with a long press on one through to letting the ambient noise through with a long press on the other. taking and ending call, moving forward by a track or back and pausing/playing the tracks. You can also personalise the alerts that you get through the earbuds, pretty much for every App you will have on your phone.

In the box, you get additional ear hooks and ear canal buds to make them more specific to you. You also get a USB-C cable for charging from a USB port. The standout for me with these though is the fact that the case is wireless charging capable. So much easier to drop the case down on a charging pad than to fiddle fitting a cable. Additionally, if I'm out and about for a prolonged period and the case become discharged, I can pop it onto the S10+ and it charges from that, perfect!

Up to 6 hours use on a full charge plus an additional 7 from the battery in the box. Plenty of use there.... These are not the loudest that I've used, but they are very comfy and very easy to use. One of the other stand out points for me is the clarity of the voice calls when on the phone. No more being told by the other person that they can't hear me. These actually have two microphones in each earpiece. An external one for general pick up, but when the ambient noise gets too much for that Mic, maybe in a bar or out on the street next to the road, they automatically close down the external Mic and switch to the second, internal one. I can only presume that this works off the bone conduction method and picks up the vibration of your voice. I've called my mobile and left a message while turning up the volume on the stereo to test this. It definitely switches and reduces the background noise whilst still being able to here me but changing the tonation of my voice because it's being picked up differently.

So, when I take everything into account, Yes I'd buy these again. For the ease of use, the controllability and the quality of both the Mic's and also the audio. I can definitely recommend these.

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