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Up, Up and Away, Easily...

This is by far the easiest to fly drone that I have owned (the first one went missing on it's second flight, last seen heading down the valley into the distance....)

Out of the box, you only have to follow a few simple instructions and then press the auto take off button to start flying. Even setting up the GPS only means that you have to hold the drone and turn 360 degrees a couple of times.

Let me tell you some of the best features though, the ones that make it a breeze to fly for beginers or experts:

You can put it into Beginners mode which means it will go slower, not as far and not as high.

If the battery (which you get two of) gets too low, it automatically returns and lands within a few feet of where it first took of from.

Its headless, which means you don't have to think of which way you are stood, it will always fly forward if you push forward.

Because of the GPS, it stays in the same place and at the same hight if you release the controls.

The camera s a belter also and the fact that you can control the pitch of the camera while it's hovering so that its easer to take pictures or video, makes a big difference. What I should have put in the above bit as well, is that it has FPV (first Person View), so if you have it linked to your phone, you get to see in real time what the camera on the drone can see, this means that if its out of direct sight, you can still fly it properly.

So, all in all, you can see in the video, just how easy Potensic have made this to fly (I haven't eaven mention the GPS flight control), definitely a brand that I've got faith in now....

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